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expats in Auckland

Many expats in Auckland choose this as the place to settle in New Zealand because it is the largest city and the primary hub of business.

People who come to New Zealand on a skilled migrant visa find more office-based job opportunities in Auckland than other parts of the country. Other regions in New Zealand, on the other hand, are favourable for skilled professions.

Why Auckland?

Auckland is also a great place to work because it offers a high level of income in comparison to the national average, especially when it comes to the financial services, tourism, and skilled work sectors. However, the cost of living is also higher. So you need to factor this in before you accept a job offer.

Auckland’s recent rapid growth means the economy is thriving in the areas of real estate, financial, and professional services. Retail sales and profits are also climbing steadily as a result of the population expansion and overall wealth of residents.

However, young professionals will find it harder to get a job in Auckland than in the rest of the country.  Take this into consideration if you have teenagers who need a summer job.

Job Hunting for Expats in Auckland

We recommend searching for a job before moving to Auckland. The process to secure a resident visa almost always requires a job offer from a company willing to sponsor your application.

Job searching, even for expats in Auckland, can also be a lengthy process. You don’t want to risk having your visitor visa expire before you find a job.

Before coming to New Zealand, explore various job posting websites that list work opportunities in Auckland. Examples are SEEK, Jora, Indeed, and Hay’s Specialist Recruitment.

If you are already here and want to find work, check out traditional job seeking methods. Local newspapers, magazines, and even postings in shop windows can be helpful. The New Zealand Herald and the Aucklander are excellent choices because their offices are in Auckland. It is also based in Auckland. So there’s a very good chance to find work opportunities in Auckland here.

Work Permits for Expats in Auckland

To apply for a temporary work visa in New Zealand, you need to meet any of the following requirements:

  • You have been offered employment in NZ
  • You are coming to NZ to participate in a particular event or for a specific reason
  • You seek to gain work experience after having studied in NZ
  • You want to join your partner in NZ and be able to work while here

To get a work permit and a job anywhere in New Zealand on a semi-permanent basis, you have to demonstrate essential skills on New Zealand’s shortage list. Only if there is a skills shortage in a specific sector are employers allowed to search abroad for suitable employees.