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health requirements


When applying for a New Zealand visa, people tend to underestimate the importance of meeting all listed health requirements to a “T.” In some cases, they even go as far as supplying false or incomplete information.


What you may not realise is that meeting the health requirements can make or break your visa application. That is because New Zealand has a strict visa application system in place that you need to follow if you want to migrate here.

Immigration health requirements

Immigration New Zealand requires you to meet the following criteria so that they can consider you as someone with an acceptable standard of health:

  • Unlikely to be a danger to public health
  • Unlikely to impose considerable costs on the New Zealand health system
  • Able to perform those tasks for which you seek entry


To meet the requirements, you need to submit the following:

  • A general medical certificate
  • A limited medical certificate
  • A chest x-ray certificate
  • Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme Supplementary Medical Certificate

What’s your visa?

Health requirements vary for different visa options.


For example, you do not need to submit medical certificates and X-ray results if you are only applying for a tourist visa.


However, if you are applying for a permanent visa, these are standard requirements. In some cases, your medical certificates will have to evaluate your medical documents or require additional certifications. Only when the medical assessor gives your documents the “all clear” will your visa be approved.

Not meeting the requirements

If you fail to meet the health requirements, your visa application will be denied. However, there are cases when Immigration New Zealand can grant you a medical waiver.


The rigorous visa application process makes it vitally important that you provide all necessary documents and ensure that you have a clean bill of health before application. In case you find yourself confused, or suffering from an illness that may impede your visa application, it would be best to talk to a licensed immigration adviser who can help you apply for waivers.


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