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fun things

Auckland is a city of opportunity for migrant job-seekers, but remember that the work-life balance in New Zealand is very favourable and opportunities for recreation also abound. Here are just a few of the fun things to do in your free time in Auckland.

7 Fun Things Auckland Has to Offer

1. Enjoy the water

Auckland offers a significant amount of publically-accessible waterfront, and many ways to enjoy the water. You can take a guided sunset kayak tour to Rangitoto Island, enjoy a glass-bottomed boat ride, watch the dolphins play, fish, swim, and jump around in the sand dunes. Just don’t forget the sunscreen, as the rays in New Zealand are powerful.

2. Have a nature adventure

While Auckland is a bustling city with all the arts and culture you could ever want, you can also have some fantastic nature experiences within 40 minutes of the city centre at the Waitakere Ranges. With the help of a qualified instructor, no experience is necessary to go rainforest canyoning, where you challenge yourself by abseiling under showering waterfalls, following underground streams into caves, and doing jumps or taking water slides into hidden pools and mysterious water sculptured gorges. Take the adventure up a notch by doing it at night, with just a headlamp and the light of thousands of glow-worms to find your way.

3. Treat yourself to luxury

Auckland is a vibrant city full of high-end experiences for those days when you just want to treat yourself. Our spas use ancient principles and modern techniques to relax and recharge you, as well as offer all kinds of beauty treatments. Later you can dine in style at one of our world-class restaurants and enjoy a glass of a local New Zealand award-winning wine.

4. Explore the night markets

Auckland features several lively night markets that offer delicious cuisine from around the world as well as arts and crafts of all kinds. The markets are a great way to pass many happy hours people watching, shopping, and experiencing soul-satisfying food and drink.

5. Take in the night sky

While city lights can make it difficult to enjoy the stars in your Auckland neighborhood, if you are joining us from the Northern Hemisphere, the view is very different here and worth taking in. Auckland’s Stardome Observatory and Planetarium offers the best way to do it. Discover the stars of the Southern Hemisphere and faraway galaxies through the enormous telescopes, then take time to explore the interactive space gallery.

6. Get dazzled by the city lights

Auckland’s Sky Tower, at 328 meters, is the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand, and features a glass-fronted lift. It is a spectacular way to see the city lights. Available inside is the city’s only 360-degree revolving restaurant for some incredible sights with your meal (two other eateries are also on-site) or take in the fantastic views of the sunset from the observation platforms at 220 meters above the ground. Free wi-fi available so you don’t have to wait to share your pictures with jealous friends and family.

7. Listen to music or catch dance fever

Auckland offers many bars and clubs, with something for every taste. You can relax in a chilled-out pub with a live band, or dance your heart out to a DJ spinning the latest tracks. There are also plenty of upscale clubs if that’s your thing. Favourite spots for nightlife in the city include PonsonbyBritomart, or K’ Road.

Thanks for joining us in Auckland. We know you’ll have a blast!