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New Zealand workers are amongst the highest paid people in the world, earning an average of $75,301 per year. Here are five of the highest paying jobs in New Zealand that you can apply to if you have the experience and education.

Highest Paying Jobs in New Zealand


At the top of our list of the highest paying jobs in New Zealand is work as a judge. In New Zealand, a respected and well-reputed judge can earn anywhere between $323,000 to $473,000 per year. How much you get paid depends on what type of court you preside over.


To qualify for the position of a judge in New Zealand, you need to have a Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree, as well as complete a Professional Legal Studies course. You also need at least seven years of experience as a solicitor or barrister.

General Practitioners

The healthcare and medical industry are always on the lookout for qualified and efficient general practitioners. The best part about this is that they get paid very well, with the average salary standing at $155,416. The economy also depends on this industry tremendously, owing to which it has been undergoing exponential growth, up to 40%, over the last few years.


The real estate and infrastructure industry is quickly growing in New Zealand. That’s why architects now in demand. They are also pulling an average salary of $125,257 per annum. The industry has grown 3% in recent years and is continuing an upward climb.


Management positions represent another of the top paying employment categories in New Zealand. Businesses large and small are employing management graduates with rather high salaries, with the average annual salary, currently at $124,982 and set to increase with the growth in the industry.

Financial controllers

The accounting industry is growing at 1% per year. From the all available indicators, it is just going to get better. If you have experience working as a financial manager or controller, you are looking at a possible average annual salary of $117,869 when you migrate to New Zealand.

Which industries are the best?

The top highest-paying industries are consulting and strategy, construction, information and communication technology, engineering, mining, and energy.


Additionally, the following industries are seeing the fastest growth in salaries: ambulance/paramedics, general practitioners, airlines, teaching aides and special needs teachers, and the performing arts.

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