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New Zealand is an incredible place to live, offering residents spectacular natural beauty along with a high quality of life. If you are thinking about moving to New Zealand, there are multiple pathways to permanent residency, as well as many options for temporary residency. Like most anything worth doing, the visa application process can be challenging, but we are here to help you. Take a look at the various visas described on our site, and then give us a call to discuss your options. Our licensed immigration advisory will help you in the right direction.

Let Auckland Immigration take the stress out of your visa application, so you can focus on what to pack!

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Why Choose New Zealand

If you are planning a move to another country – for the sake of better prospects or merely a change of scene – and have been weighing your options, it would be worthwhile to add New Zealand to your list if you haven’t already, or to call it a serious contender if you have.

New Zealand is rapidly becoming an irresistible option for migrants, and for many excellent reasons. Read on to learn all about them, and we bet that by the end of this article, you will be duly convinced.

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An enviable work-life balance, to the extent that the 2015 HSBC Expat Survey rated NZ second in the world for work-life balance. This is especially important if your reason for moving to New Zealand is an expansion of your career prospects.

New Zealand boasts an incredible array of natural beauty, which is coupled with widespread cleanliness. Environmental guardianship and a sense of responsibility is prevalent throughout the community, which results in increased awareness. This is further augmented by the fact that there is a lower population density here than elsewhere in the world, thus providing easier access to nature.

New Zealanders are renowned for their friendliness and accepting nature, and you can rest assured you won’t feel left out. The tradition of hospitality is spread throughout the land and the community, ensuring a rewarding experience for you.

It is a family friendly country with promising prospects for children, offering world-class education, stellar public services, and a high level of safety and security.

It’s a safer country than most, with considerably lower crime rates; the 2017 Global Peace Index rated New Zealand the second safest country in the world, after Iceland. While this is impressive in itself, it is even more encouraging that NZ’s ranking has risen in the last couple of years, hinting at dropping crime rates.

Even within New Zealand, you have a host of cities and regions to choose from depending on your priorities. Once you are decided on NZ, proceed to examine the country’s individual regions through our Regional Profiles tab in order to hone in on the perfect location choice for you and your family.

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